Edward meets Wildlife Trusts to hear about their new 'Towards a wilder Britain' report

Edward has met with representatives of the Wildlife Trusts in Parliament to discuss their work locally in the Midlands, and to hear from them about their new report, Towards a wilder Britain.

The Wildlife Trusts' new report Towards a wilder Britain – creating a Nature Recovery Network sets out the Trusts' views on how a Nature Recovery Network can be established by mapping out important places for wildlife which need to be protected as well as key areas where habitats should be restored, and sets out the key challenges to achieve this.

Edward said: “Having previously met with our local Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, it was good to have the opportunity to meet with their national team to hear about their new report. Nature is important in its own right, and also plays a vitally important part in our eco-system, and our economy. It is vital that our current generation does all it can to ensure that we hand on our natural environment and wildlife to future generations in a vibrant and enhanced state, and this report is an important contribution to the debate on how to do that."