Edward supports Parkinson's UK's calls to further improve Parkinson's mental health services

Edward has joined representatives of Parkinson's UK and fellow parliamentarians for the launch of a new report: Mental Health Matters Too on the care of people with Parkinson's experiencing anxiety, depression, and mental health issues.

The report focuses on the delays that people with Parkinson's can face to access the mental health support they need, and that when they do access support, it isn't always tailored to their specific needs. The report makes a number of recommendations to further improve the support offered, including a person's physical and mental health needs being looked at holistically; better training for health professionals; and further research in to the most effective treatment options.

Edward said: "Parkinson's has, in the past, often been viewed solely as a movement disorder, with a consequent focus on addressing the physical aspects of the condition, but all too often not addressing the psychological and mental health aspects and consequences. This important new report focusses on this aspect, and makes an important contribution to highlighting what can be done to improve this. It was great to attend the report launch, and to have the opportunity to hear from people with Parkinson's how mental health services for people with the condition can be improved."