Edward visits WHM Work Connections for disabled adults in Seagrave

Edward has visited WHM Work Connections based at a local Seagrave farm to learn more about their work with local disabled adults.

WHM Work Connections adopts an innovative and modern approach to working with disabled adults. Its services are based on working farms which offer many different opportunities, through the different activities available on the farm, to support those that use the service to develop the skills and confidence to build independence and be ready for work.

 WHM’s approach is based on promoting choice, control, and independence for all their services users, designing a support package around them and with them.

Edward commented: “WHM’s work with disabled adults at Seagrave is both hugely impressive and hugely important. It was a real privilege to meet Liz, Helen and the team, and those who use the service, and to see the wide range of activities – from cooking, to car repairs, to caring for animals and tending crops – that they provide.”