Thurmaston's Eastfield Primary School: Edward calls on LCC to improve road safety

Edward has visited Eastfield Primary School in Thurmaston for a catch-up meeting about the school with Headteacher, Bill Griffiths, and has called for road safety improvements by the County Council near the school's entrance.

He visited the school, at the invitation of Headteacher, Bill Griffiths, to hear about the school's success, it's plans for the future, but also importantly to discuss with him the issues around parking and road safety near the school, which have concerned the school and parents, and which are something local Councillor, Brenda Seaton, has also highlighted.

Edward said: "I  have taken up the concerns Bill raised with me with the Council, including the road layout at the junction with Highway Road, and down to Red Hill Lane, which is not only complex, but, combined with speeding vehicles, and poor sight-lines, can present real issues for parents and children getting to school. I am working with local County Councillor Brenda Seaton, and pressing the Council to see what can be done to improve the situation as swiftly as possible."