Keep Britain Tidy: Edward attends ‘The Great British Spring Clean 2020’ Event in Parliament

Edward has shown his support for the ‘Great British Spring Clean 2020’ at Keep Britain Tidy’s annual event in Parliament. The event seeks to raise awareness about the importance of recycling suitable materials (including plastic), encouraging people to dispose of their litter mindfully, and to reduce waste. 

Edward said: “As always, it was great to attend Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Great British Spring Clean 2020’ Parliamentary event- something that I endeavour to participate in, every year. While many people are now becoming more conscious of the impact that their choices, such as disposing of litter irresponsibly, can have– it is important to continue to encourage more people to make some positive changes, in order to benefit our environment. I thank the organisers for hosting the event, and very much look forward to attending next year!”